I met Rocky

Alright, this is not exactly what we usually write about in Snippets, but I had to post it. I've been wanting to mention that I got to meet Sylvester Stallone a couple weeks ago at a pre-screening of Rocky Balboa. I loved the movie (Rocky I is my favorite all-time movie) and the best part was going to the Adolphus Hotel to do a Q&A with Sly himself. I went with my brother and it will go down as one of our favorite days ever. At least in the top 100.

Here is a picture I took of Sly... I was on the front row.

Since we didn't get a picture with him, I went up and sat in the chair afterwards, knowing I would have to then tinker in Photoshop.

[youtube width="400" height="300"]I81NTm_n6Ig[/youtube]

Blair, my brother, did a great job shaking his hand. Check it out.