He only has one name but he has a lot to say

Like it or not, Bono has become a major player in realms of faith and trying to change the world. Personally, I like it.

My Bible Community (our cool codeword for Sunday School class) at church is working through a great series these days, Engaging Culture and Finding God. Weâ??ve been exploring concepts of what culture is and looking for the metanarrative (Creation â?? Fall â?? Recreation) in contemporary cultural expression.

As an exercise, our class of about 18 twentysomethings listened to U2â??s How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb from start to finish. The title of the album, as we discussed in class, is a reference, both literal and figurative, to the fallen state of humanity and how one might go about dismantling, repairing, or redeeming that fallen condition.

As we listened to the album from start to finish, we were instructed to follow along with the lyrics and take notes on the spiritual themes that abound in U2â??s music. As I listened to the 11 tracks on How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb I found what struck me as a subtle but powerful message to the Church if we are at all interested in dismantling some bombs.

The albumâ??s second song â??Miracle Drugâ?? begins with these words:

I want to trip inside your head/Spend the day there To hear the things you havenâ??t said/And see what you might see

In those twenty-two words I see compassion and perspective, a simple and insightful recipe for resolving conflict and reaching a lost and dying world.

The song/prayer â??Yahwehâ?? closes the album in an amazing way. The second verse is as follows:

Take these hands/Teach them what to carry Take these hands/Donâ??t make a fist Take this mouth/So quick to criticize Take this mouth/Give it a kiss

Iâ??m not sure what you see when you read those words, but I see a man asking God to equip him to impact the world by making him more like Christ. Over the last few days Bonoâ??s words have stuck with me, I havenâ??t been able to shake them. I am thankful that my Bible Community undertook this exercise, and I am thankful that Bono has given me a simple blueprint for impacting the world around me by acting more like Jesus â?? with compassion, understanding, humility, peace, grace, patience, and a servantâ??s heart.