So Long, BedHead Productions

We are shutting the doors on our first venture as a company... BedHead Productions.

In 2001, I started BedHead and we did customized video productions for numerous clients. We got the chance to work with some great organizations, many of which were ministries. Our first client was Bill Glass's Champions For Life, where I got to go to San Quentin Prison for a video shoot. Our last client was Evantell which involved no prisons.

Thanks to Trent Armstrong for coming on board in the fall of 2004 and doing some amazing work in the last two years. Also, thank you to all the fellow video producers and editors that we got to work with over the years (Sid, Sarah, John, Ben, Major, the rest). Lastly, we are very thankful for all of the companies and organizations that hired us and trusted us to do videos for them.

It was BedHead that sustained my family and my 'pet project', Igniter Videos. I love the direction our company has gone (Igniter Media Group, WorshipHouse Media) and can't wait to see what God has in store for our future.

Here are some early pictures of BedHead.

Our first office, 2002

The original 'set-up' for editing.

My boy, Cobb, excited about the company. He is now 3.