Feats of Strength

I promise that we have been working hard on IgniterBacks Volume 02 and other good stuff, but the other day we had to take a break. As we were getting ready to throw away some old furniture we noticed that one piece contained several small boards that would be good for karate chopping. For a few minutes our office was transformed into a martial arts studio as we did a very manly thing: we broke wood (the fake wood you find in cheap furniture) with our bare hands. We stopped short of grunting and reading "Wild At Heart" aloud, but it was still fun. Later, with the furniture cleared out and the office tidied, we went back to work with a renewed confidence and sense of purpose. We also had sore ribs from laughing, and sore hands from board-breaking, but it was totally worth it. My only regret is that we forgot to film the whole thing for your benefit. Next time.