A Blog Post About Blogs?

I confess: I like blogs. A big misconception may be that blogs are for sharing what your cat did last night and linking to wacky videos. However, there are some great blogs out there, where the author(s) share their thoughts on a variety of topics and currents events. If you can find a blog that is written by someone whose thoughts and opinions you value, then youâ??re in for some quality reading every few days (or maybe even several times a day). To me the best part about reading a blog is the way a good post gets me thinking. Here are a few blogs that have that effect on me: www.ChurchMarketingSucks.com www.ChurchRelevance.com www.Churchonomics.com www.ChurchTechMatters.com www.SethGodin.Typepad.com

If you have any blog recommendations of your own post them in the comments below.