Jury Duty, Vacation and IgniterBacks 02

We are in full production mode for IgniterBacks 02 right now. We are also in full scramble mode thanks to one seemingly harmless mail item. El presidente Rob recently got a letter asking him to show up for jury duty on Tuesday morning. Now everyone knows how to handle these letters, right? Arrive at the courthouse, say something jibberish, get released, return to work. Well, Rob would have none of that and has worked hard to become Juror #1 in some sort of mortgage case. Sounds exciting . . .

Well the only bad news is that Rob is one of the producers for our upcoming IgniterBacks 02 release. Sure, we are still planning on releasing this product in August but it will make things a little more exciting over the next two weeks. Rob is expecting to be Juror #1 for about 4-5 business days. Then, when Rob returns to the office, Ben -our designer and IgniterBacks stills producer- leaves for a well-deserved vacation. All this to say that things are a little hectic suddenly.

These events have made me curious - any good Jury Duty stories out there? Has anyone been on a case as exciting as mortgage law?