Where The Streets Have No Name

Recently Rob wrote a Snippets post about Superman (click here to read) and an article explaining how the music video for Michael W. Smithâ??s â??Secret Ambitionâ?? had a profound effect on his life (click here to read), and that reminded me of a particular movie scene. Several months ago my pastor was talking about heaven and decided to use a few minutes from Antwone Fisher as an illustration. Iâ??d heard of the movie, but hadnâ??t seen it, and was completely unprepared for its impact on me.

The title character is a young man whose violent behavior is deeply rooted in his tumultuous past. A quick recap of Antwoneâ??s lowlights: â?¢ Father murdered â?¢ Born in prison â?¢ Abused physically, mentally, and sexually by foster family â?¢ Prescribed mandatory psychiatric evaluation while in the Navy

Near the end of the movie Antwone is finally given the opportunity to meet his extended family. He walks into a house where he is overcome with warmth and joy flowing freely from dozens of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who, although they have never met him, love him deeply. As they lead him through the house he finally arrives at the dinner table, which is immaculately laden with the most delicious food one could imagine. Most importantly, amid the abundance of love, family, and food, there is a place reserved just for him.

It gave me chills. It gives me chills to remember the scene and describe it to you. It gives me chills to think about streets of gold and embracing people I dearly miss. Thanks to a few minutes from Antwone Fisher no one will ever dissuade me from my conviction that video can communicate Truth in an incredibly powerful way. If you get the chance, take a look at that scene from Antwone Fisher and let me know what you think about it.