What I Read On My Summer Vacation

BBDO is one of the largest and most successful advertising agencies in the world. So when the former chairman of BBDO North America, Phil Dusenberry, writes a book I am interested. Then We Set His Hair On Fire is a fascinating look at the advertising world and the creative processes that go on behind the scenes. At its essence however, Dusenberryâ??s book is about more than just the advertising profession. TWSHHOF is about communication, something we all do everyday, whether or not we are ever asked to create an advertisement. Even better, the author does not bother with how to communicate, but rather what to communicate. Dusenberry extols the virtues of insight as the cornerstone of effective advertising, and that got me thinking about the Church. I hope that when we take it upon ourselves to communicate Truth (to believers and nonbelievers alike) we strive to share insights. Clever sayings, catchy slogans, and memorable acronyms all have their place, but they are no substitute for the potential impact of a perceptive, intuitive, and discerning message to a heart that needs to hear it.

Thanks to Then We Set His Hair On Fire I have started searching for insights when a problem or task requires my attention. If you find yourself in a position to impact other people I hope you will join me in desperately seeking insight.