Has it Become Cool to Hate on the Church?

I know there are some problems with church. There are issues I have with church. But, I have evidently missed the â??itâ??s now cool to hate on the Churchâ?? movement, which from what I gather continues to build momentum. I recently sat in a conference breakout session with other Christ followers in Phoenix and listened to a discussion on church and todayâ??s culture hoping to get some helpful insight. For the first few minutes, it seemed like a relevant healthy discussion. But it quickly veered into a rant session. First someone complained that a local Phoenix church â??high-fivedâ?? them when they entered on a Wednesday night. It went downhill from there. Everyone complaining about church and what its people have done to bother them. All problems, no solutions, absolutely nothing productive.

It makes me sad to say this, but churches are flawed. Every single one of them. Some more than others, some a lot more. Now donâ??t hear me defending churches that are apostates or others that are out for their own glory because I will never do that. And donâ??t hear me say, â??Well, thatâ??s just the way it is and there is nothing we can do about it.â?? Because we must do something about it. Sitting around and just complaining about stuff weâ??ve heard about or seen at other churches does me no good though. Letâ??s not just find people and moan about how we all hate the Church.

Letâ??s sit down and discern the root of the problem: you and me. Thatâ??s right â?? we are just as much a part of the problem as we are of the solution. Itâ??s the whole â??plank in your own eyeâ?? concept that Jesus talks about. We all have our tendencies that push people away. Tendencies to migrate towards people that are kind to us, or look like us, or live like us. We have our tendencies to misrepresent Scripture and use Christianity as some sort of bargaining method. Or we all have our tendencies to just say or do something boneheaded. We all are guilty of our own â??planksâ?? and we must recognize them and remove them. So letâ??s test our ways against Scripture, ask forgiveness when needed and move forward in how we build up the Church.

Maybe I am just crazy. But I have seen and felt a lot of negativity in other Christ followers lately on their perception of other people's churches. Is anyone else experiencing this?