Some Thoughts On Your Church Website Dot Com

About six months ago my wife and I moved from one Dallas suburb to another. While we love our church, I figured it would be worthwhile to take a look at some of the churches around us. As I familiarized myself with our new side of town I began taking notice of church names so that I could Google them when I got home. Subsequent visits to several church websites were a little frustrating to me as a prospective visitor so I thought Iâ??d share my experience with you. First, if youâ??re on staff at a church, or heavily involved with one, you should know that in the 21st century very few people will set foot in your church without checking out your website first. I think that should play a huge role in determining the content and layout of any churchâ??s website, but it seems that some webmasters disagree. Here are a few questions visitors might have:

Where is the church? Where do I park when I get there? Where is the Worship Center? Do I need to drop off my kids somewhere first? What time does the service start? Are all of the services the same? When and where do small groups/Sunday School classes meet?

Believe it or not, these things might be equally or more important to a prospective visitor than where you church stands on every issue under the sun, or how to become a Christian over the Internet. Even if the answers to all of these questions can be found somewhere on your website, are they spread out all over the place? If so, I propose the creation of a page especially for prospective newcomers to your church that is easily accessible from your churchâ??s homepage. On the Visitors page you could attempt to answer every question that comes to mind. Also, you could make a sample sermon from your pastor available, and perhaps even a song or two from the band. A few photos would give a visitor an idea of what your typical service is like and let him/her know what to expect.

I know it will take some work, and it is easy for me to suggest these changes because Iâ??m not the one who will be taking on the project. However, you just might find that visitors to your church increase a little bit in number. Maybe the visitors that do come end up sticking around and becoming members because they knew a lot about your church before they ever darkened the doorway.

For more helpful insight on this topic, visit and search â??church websiteâ??.