The Gospel According to Superman

So, I'm a huge fan of Superman and can't wait till the movie is released at the end of this month. I just finished reading The Gospel According to the World's Greatest Superhero by Stephen Skelton. I thought it was a good read, especially for Superman fans out there. It is truly amazing the number of parallels made between Christ and Superman. I am a firm believer that the desire and need to be 'saved' is a part of our DNA. We re-tell God's story in so many films, shows, and books. We create so many characters that resemble Jesus, but I was amazed to learn just how many similarities there are in the Superman story.

In fact, I am so excited about this movie, I think I'll be taking the Igniter team to see it.  Then, they'll simply have to write a 10 page essay on 'What are the similarities and differences between the Superman story and God's story?'.  Good luck guys.