First Igniter Cake ever made

Lisa Miller, Clint's wife, made a cake for the company. It was a beautiful cake and even tasted amazing. That cake died the same day we got it because we ate it all. If you know Lisa, please encourage her to make these cakes once a week. If you haven't met her husband yet, Clint is the newest guy up here doing programming stuff. Having a programmer is like having someone that speaks Hebrew. I have no clue what he is talking about most of the time regarding the back-end of our website code. When I see him writing code at his computer, I like to stare at what he is writing and try to figure out what he is doing. It's never worked, and I always end up asking. It's good having him up here.

I heard Lisa might be making a cake for our Igniter release party. If you wanna taste, then come on. We'll leave you a piece. Click here to reserve your spot.