Igniter Videos, Volume 04 sneak peek

We are about to send Volume 04 to the replicator and we are excited to be wrapping this up. I thought I would show the packaging artwork as well as a description of each of the videos. Back to back, this volume is the longest that we have done. We actually have a video that is over seven minutes! I have always been a 3-5 minute guy, but there are exceptions (we also have a video under two minutes). I am excited about this volume and really hope these videos will be used in creative ways. Full previews won't be available for another few weeks.

What's next? We are about to begin work on IgniterBacks, Volume 02. Don't expect it to look too much like Volume 01, as we are trying new things. Also, we are moving right into Igniter Videos, Volume 05. We want to get that volume out this fall.