My Terrible Morning

It's only 10AM and so far this day has been bad. I was in a fender-bender this morning. It was my fault...well mostly anyway. I can't stand getting in wrecks. Then, I went to Krispy Kreme to get donuts for everyone at the office. Today is our internal due date for Igniter Videos, Volume 4 so I wanted to 'reward' everyone with some tasty treats. Whenever I go there, I have to get myself a milk and have a donut in the car. I drove through the drive thru, ate my donut, and started to tear the plastic cap off the top of my milk. I must have been too aggressive with the cap because the milk went everywhere....while I'm driving. Then, I get to the office, open my email and read a nasty email from someone who is appalled that we charge people for the videos we produce. They then informed us that their 13 year old child could easily produce something like our 'That's My King' video. And now it's 10:10AM. We were suppose to do our first podcast for WorshipHouse Media starting 10 minutes ago, but we are having major technical issues.

Things could definitely be worse, though. I could have hurt the lady in the car wreck, spilt the milk on my radio causing it to short-circuit, received an email with a new 'That's My King' video from that 13 year old kid that actually is a lot better than ours, and gotten 30 minutes into the podcast only to realize we weren't recording. That would have been worse.