Steve the intern

Meet Steve the Canadian

Steve has been our intern for the past two weeks and we only have him for one more week. He is going to school up in Kitchener, Ontario. In the above picture, he decided to shave his eyebrow, paint a new eyebrow, and become 'the Rock' for Halloween (this picture is a bit dated). That is what I call dedication. Not many of us would be willing to shave an eyebrow.

We have enjoyed getting to know him very much. He's a talented dude for sure, but our favorite talent he brings is his accent. We can't get enough of it.

Steve has already done more in Dallas in the last couple weeks than I do in a year. He went to the rodeo, a Dallas Mavericks game, ate true Mexican food, then ate true barbeque (he told us barbeque has the same meaning as 'grill' up there...down here, it's a type of food). He has already visited 3 churches, went to a concert in downtown Ft. Worth, spent a day mountain biking, and he is currently getting a haircut.

Here at work, he has helped a lot with our Easter video, learned a ton about After Effects, helped Trent on a couple projects, and become pretty good at ping pong. Join me in welcoming Steve. In a week, you can join me saying goodbye to Steve.