Dale, Outreach, Christmas DVD, and YS

Dale and Ben (Scott in background)

Dale Carter has come on board up here and we are excited to have him (bearded guy on the left). We have a connection in that we both attended Abilene Christian (I was gone before he got there) and his last job happened to be one of my favorite stores....the Apple Store. Dale will be primarily technical support up here, but like the rest of us, he'll be wearing many hats. Welcome Dale!

We recently got back from the Outreach Convention and I have included some pictures from that. It was overall a decent convention. I love all the guys at Outreach...we went to eat sushi one night (bad experience for Greg Atkinson...you can ask him). Jeff and I love sushi...almost as much as IN-N-OUT burgers, which we went to twice.

Yesterday we finally got the Christmas v.1 DVDs in and we immediately shipped them out to those that pre-ordered. Thanks guys for your patience.

Tomorrow, Jeff and I (and our wives) head to the National Youth Workers Convention in Nashville, TN. We are very excited about this trip, for many reasons. For one, Jeff has enough points that he was able to get us upgraded to first class. Now granted, this will probably be one of those planes where you can barely tell the difference between first class and coach...but hey...we'll know. Secondly, the Youth Specialties conventions have a lot of energy and it will be fun seeing a lot of our friends that we have made at these conventions. Thirdly, Jeff and I are with our wives, so it is almost like a little vacation. Finally, we get to meet any of you attending the conference. Come by the both if you get a chance.

Here are more pictures.

Our Booth Jeff, Anthony Coppedge, Rob Rob and Jeff Jeff and Scott in the workroom

Trent workin' hard