WorshipHouse Media Launches

We have been anticipating the day when WorshipHouse Media will launch, and guess whatâ??it finally has! Some of you may be confused as to what WorshipHouse Media is, so let me answer some of your questionsâ??before you ask. 1. What is WorshipHouse Media? WorshipHouse Media is an online store where you can download or have shipped to you over 3,000 products. 2. That's a lot of stuff? Is it hard to navigate? It is actually very simple. At www.worshiphousemedia.com we have 5 categories to look through: Mini Movies, Motions, Stills, Software, and Editables. Within each category you can also filter by your favorite producer, a theme, keywords, best sellers, and many more. 3. Who are the producers of the content? We have over thirty producers including Nooma, Highway Video, Igniter Media Group (thatâ??s us!), Simply Youth Ministry, Media Shout, Worship Films, and so many more amazing producers. 4. What is Igniter Media Groups relationship to WorshipHouse Media? Both of these companies fall under the corporate company R.T. Productions, Inc. With Igniter, our goal was to create media that churches (etc.) would find effective for their ministry. With WorshipHouse, we wanted to get all of the best media on the market, put it in one place, and make the acquiring of media an easy, elegant, and fun experience.

5. Will WorshipHouse be partial to Igniter Media over other producers? This is an area that we are being very careful with. We actually treat the two divisions like two companiesâ?? for example, if Igniter Media wants an ad on WorshipHouse, that division pays the other division. We have no control of what is on the best-sellers listsâ??that is determined by you, the customer. Also, Greg Atkinson, Director of WorshipHouse, has a very unbiased outlook. He doesnâ??t work with Igniter Media any more than he works with sayâ??Sarti Design or Easy Worship. 6. Should I buy from Igniter Media or WorshipHouse? We donâ??t care. Whatever you like better. Right now you can download any of our videos on the WorshipHouse website. Until we do this on the Igniter site (should happen by January 2006), go to the WorshipHouse site to download.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback regarding our WorshipHouse site. We have already received some great feedback and the implementation of â??Phase 2â?? will bring with it several of your requests.