It's Fun To Get New Stuff

We have started shipping IgniterBacks, Volume 1 as well as two originally designed t-shirts. After working for months on a product, it is a great feeling when it is finally completed, and back from the replicator. Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the IgniterBack set. We hope these become a very useful tool for you.

On the horizon for Igniter Media is our Christmas package that we are putting together. We'll be mentioning it in our next newsletter.

The other day, someone sent us some feedback that was pretty negative. We aren't afraid of constructive criticism at all, in fact we welcome it. However, this guy left out anything constructive. It was more mud-slinging then useful. Anyway, it kind of disturbed me. It actually made me really appreciate all the positive emails we get. If you have encouraged us by sending feedback, we want you to know that we are very thankful for you. If you have suggestions or contructive criticism for us, we appreciate you as well. Our hearts are truly to help you make an impact. If our products do that, we feel we have done our job.

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