Our First Original Recording

Since we didn't have this blog when we released Igniter Videos, Volume 3, I thought I would mention our experience working on I Believe. For this video, I loved the songs, 'I Believe' by Wes King and 'Creed' by Rich Mullins and wanted to pick one of those songs for the video. However, I couldn't decide which one would work better, so I decided we needed to do an original recording of it and include parts of both songs. To do this, I hooked up with Cary Pierce (of Jackopierce) and he produced and sang it for us. We had a great time working with Cary and the other talented musicians. I have our version of that song in my iTunes and I listen to it often. Cary and I (and Jeff) all go to Watermark Community Church in Dallas. If you get a chance, I highly recommend his music. Go to his site or Jackopierce.com to find out more about him and his music.