Weddings and Stolen Wallets

I was in Nashville this weekend with the wife and kids. A good friend of mine got married and I was a groomsmen. It was a great wedding...except for the fact that sometime during the ceremony, my wallet was stolen. I had it in a pair of shorts in one of the classrooms at the church where the guys got dressed. Haley and I spent most of the reception on the phone cancelling credit cards and debit cards (there was probably around $600.00 already used between the cards). Now that I'm back in Dallas, things are settling back to normal. Cards are cancelled and new ones in the mail. My wife and I already sat for 2 hours to get our new driver's licenses (her license was in my wallet as well). We've been to the bank to get a new account number and the new checks are on the way.

Aren't you glad we can always say, tomorrow's a new day!!