WorshipHouse is coming!!!!

WorshipHouse is coming. This will be a site you can go to buy or download any of our Igniter Videos, as well as products from over 30 other producers. The WorshipHouse team (right) consists of Scott McClellan, Ben Jordan, Rob Thomas, Jeff Parker, and Greg Atkinson. You're probably thinking, 'Wow! These guys look very similar to the Igniter guys. Well for the most part you are right. Replace Greg with Trent Armstrong and you have the Igniter team. WorshipHouse is our sister company and we can't wait to launch. This site will be a great place to buy anything and everything you would ever use up on your screens at church. Go to worshiphousemedia's site and get the free download every month. Don't forget to bookmark the site! Expect the launch around August 31, 2005.