Banned From 'Engaging the Worshipper'

I have recently been banned from using the phrase, 'engaging the worshipper'. Why, you ask? Because I have been using it too much. Around our office, if you over-use a phrase, that phrase gets banned. Jeff can no longer use the word 'semantics'. Greg can no longer say 'both/and'. I was overusing the phrase because in the last three weeks I have had so many conversations with people, mainly others on our church worship team, about what it means to.....engage the worshipper. I sing and play acoustic guitar for our church worship team/band. I have found that it is easy to slip into the habit of only focusing on the technicalities of music, and lose focus on the purpose of what we are doing when we sing worship songs. I want to learn what it means to truly worship God, and as a member of our worship team, truly engage others to do the same.

Anyway, if you have an alternative way of saying 'engage the worshipper', let me know. I need to start using it.