Our Name is Changing

Recently we have changed our company name from Vertical Sky Productions to Igniter Media Group. We haven't officially announced this, but we will be doing that within the next month. The reason for the name change is due to another company that felt we were invading on their trademark. Though we didn't feel we were doing this, we decided the best thing for us would be to go ahead and change our name. It is amazing how a 'bad' thing has actually turned out to be a very good thing. For one, we made a very positive impact on the company that wanted our name changed. They are apparently impressed with how we handled ourselves in this potentially tense situation. More than anything, we just felt a peace about it... we know God is much bigger than the name of our company and he can use our videos with or without the name Vertical Sky Productions. Another good thing that came out of it is our new name.... Igniter Media Group. We actually like it better so it's pretty cool how a bad thing can really be a good thing. So our official website is now ignitermedia.com. Come by and visit us. See ya, Igniter Media Team