Why Blog?

There are several reasons why we thought we would start a blog. Here are our reasons in no particular order. - This is a great way for us to offer our thoughts on the things that are important to us.... media and the church.

- We thought it would be fun to share what we are working on and our progress with each project. For instance, we have a new series called IgniterBacks coming this summer that we want to keep you informed on.

- All of our videos are inspired by our walk with God and what we are learning. We thought we would continually share the books, music, and talks that are making an impact in our lives.

- If we wanted to talk about 80's television shows, this is the place. We like the freedom to talk about anything and everything.

There you go. Some of our reasons. Feel free to add comments. We would like to get to know you in the same way you will get to know us.

All for now, Igniter Guys